Boiler Annual Service
Pre-payment Plan Option

*Subject to annual price review

New Boiler Installation Hull

Protect the life of your boiler guarantee
with Hull Gas Solutions Ltd.

What our service consists of:

  • Gas meter & visual pipework tested for leaks
  • Boiler internal visual inspection for gas or water leaks and general condition
  • Gas pipework tested
  • Boiler flue external inspection
  • Condensate trap cleaned and seal inspected (A & B rated condensing boilers only)
  • Flue integrity test + flue inspection
  • Door /panel seal test
  • Controls inspected and test for function ability (Room stat/programmer/s)
  • Benchmark document fully completed
  • Fan pressure test (negative pressure test)
  • High and low boiler performance check & recorded
  • Case inspected
  • Gas
  • Air/gas mixture test
  • Expansion vessel checked
  • Check ventilation
  • Earthbonding check
  • Electric safety check (fuse spur fuse size)
  • Bonus check – efficiency % check to compare each subsequent years recorded results by Hull Gas Solutions
Worcester Bosch Boiler Installation Hull
  • A temperamental heating system may involve unusual noises, cold radiators, and hot water in the header tank. If any of these issues are the case in your home, our team are ready to assist you.
  • 2 months refund if cancelled guaranteed. (31 days notice necessary).
  • All payments accepted through “go cardless” only.
  • Provision should be made to allow the gas engineer access the boiler.
  • Appointments can be made up to two weeks either side of the date of the official service.
  • This is not emergency cover.
  • This is not a heating service plan.
  • Gas/LPG/wall hung and floor standing only boilers only qualify for this “Boiler Annual service Pre Payment Plan”.

To apply for the Annual Service plan

or call us today 01482 65 24 21

All direct debits are handled by Go Cardless.

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